Terms and Conditions (Terms & Conditions in Danish)

1. Owner
Webshop owned by I.W.Hvidberg, a Danish company with CVR. 2612 7874, see CVR

2. Prices, etc.
All prices in the webshop are displayed in Danish Kroner (DKK) incl.vat. Please note that shipments to beyond Danish borders is your responsibility to pay import taxes, etc.. If the recipient country concerned.
Payment must register on our account before shipment.
A. Payment can be made directly on our website, or transferred to
b Danish bank 4180 6403 328
c Iban: DK98 3000 0006 4033 28 Swift. DABADKKK
E. Call us at +45 33135670 and state your credit card information. Never give these per email!
We reserve the right to reject a given order, what the cause might be.
And take reservations for printing errors or the like. All our printed and digital medier, and reserve the right at any time to change prices, etc. delivery terms.

3. Order quantity and offers.
Minimum is 1 mtr. of fabrics. For larger quantities please contact us by email

4. Delivery.
There must be a receiver to accept the package upon delivery to the recipient address. Is not it the customer is responsible to pick up the package on a packet switch or to contact the agent for gene delivery of the package. Should the client to retrieve the item or contact the shipper, the customer must pay any return postage, unless otherwise agreed. Therefore, we can later charge for return shipping and each cost associated with it. We do not collect the goods from the customer.

5. Delivery Deadline.
From we have received confirmation of your order are calculated up to 30 days delivery of the goods. Often, the delivery takes place over a few days, but we reserve the right to delivery of 30 days starting including the date we receive payment for the order. If we can not deliver the goods within 30 days, the customer can call to get his money back.

6. Payment terms.
All orders are payable in advance on one of the above payment methods.
We reserve up to 30 days to repay the money after we have received the product or after the above paragraph 'payment deadline'. Back payment deadline runs from when we receive the product back.

7. Purchase and Return Policy
We follow the Danish Sale of Goods Act (Sale of Goods Act, Consolidation Act No. 237 of 28.03.2003) on the finished products.
Return of finished manufactured / processed goods (not individually manufactured) we will refund only the purchase price when the item is returned in original material and make calls, so this can be resold without loss. Please note that you, the customer must cover all costs associated with returning a product. Reversal of purchase and returning goods, this must be made within 14 days after receipt of the goods and we will refund only the product's selling price.
Semi-Fabricated products which fabrics are cut off individually, or such shirts are made according to customer's own goals, there is no right and can not be returned unless it is proved defects from our side. And we relate to one each time to reposition / deliver a new product when we receive the advertised return. One each expense for outplacement borne by us.
All goods must be checked by the customer prior to use. Items are cut, washed or in any way have been used can not be returned and may not subsequently advertised.
By any. returning, return not be accepted by us before shipment and the merchandise must be in original packaging and label ring, etc..
Complaints of improper goals, errors or other defects and other defects in the delivery, we have received in writing within 14 days after receipt of goods.
By any. disputes, we are liable only for the actual product price.
Possibly. matters and disputes will be treated only in Maritime and Commercial Court in Copenhagen.

8. Trademark, texts, photo and design
IWHvidberg aps own webshop trademark, photo, text and design. You are welcome to use the photos if you link to us in the same boat. The trademark is protected by Danish copyright law.

9. Privacy.
We have over 230 years treated our client relationships carefully, and will continue with respect to do this. For your information, we use Google Analytics to analyze information about visitors to the web shop. Subject. dataer on debit or credit card information in connection with a transaction, these do not register or stored. We retain only the dataer that under Danish law on personal information that is permitted between seller and buyer.

10. Account Information.

Contact: Ceo Ulrik Hvidberg
I.W. Hvidberg ApS
Løngangsstræde 25
1468 Copenhagen K

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